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Controversial UK cardiologist Aseem Malhotra has once again published an editorial disputing decades of research linking diets high in saturated fats with heart disease—much to the annoyance of health experts and researchers.

Experts: Headline-grabbing editorial on saturated fats “bizarre,” “misleading”Aseem Malhotra being interviewed on SkyNews. (credit: SkyNews)
Malhotra, who maintains a high profile on media sites and television, has long advocated for high-fat diets, and he has blamed the rise of obesity and other health problems solely on sugar and processed foods. He has written scores of editorials and recently produced a documentary on the matter. Last year, Malhotra drew intense backlash from health experts after co-writing a report that encouraged people with type II diabetes and obesity to fight their diseases by eating more fat and ditching efforts to keep track of calories.
The report was written secretly and released by the National Obesity Forum, for which Malhotra was also a senior advisor.

The Forum is funded by the meat industry and drug companies.
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