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All better, Nintendo Switch. (credit: Sam Machkovech)
With the Nintendo Switch’s newness starting to fade, interest in the new console has begun to shift toward its upcoming wave of “bigger” games.

These include a gussied-up Mario Kart 8, the brand-new fighting series Arms, and a new Splatoon game that is finally looking more like a sequel than a last-gen port.

But something interesting is quietly bubbling within the world of Switch games—though, sadly, I don’t mean Nintendo’s catalog of classic Virtual Console games.
What’s bubbling up is just about as good, however: frequently updated games.

And in one case, those updates have transformed at least one major Switch game from “maybe try” to “must buy.”
Nintendo spoke at length at a late-February event about how its Nintendo Switch platform will make certain development tasks easier for game makers.

The participating “Nindies” game makers on hand echoed that statement.

At the time, they mostly spoke about the ease of translating games from other platforms, whether through a major engine like Unity and Unreal or through their own custom-built engines.
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