Enlarge / Plaintiff Tanya Gersh of Whitefish, Montana. (credit: Dan Chung)
Lawyers for the Southern Poverty Law Center have sued the owner of a white supremacist website, accusing him of unleashing a “troll storm” of harassment on a Jewish real estate agent.
The lawsuit (PDF) was filed Tuesday against Andrew Anglin, publisher of the Daily Stormer neo-Nazi website.
It claims he unleashed a “coordinated, repulsive, threatening campaign of anti-Semitic harassment” on Tanya Gersh, a real estate agent living in Whitefish, Montana.

The campaign allegedly resulted in more than 700 threatening phone calls, voicemails, and e-mails.
At issue is whether a prominent publisher of a far-right website can be held legally liable for online “trolling” tactics his articles inspired. Lawyers for Gersh say Anglin violated Montana’s “Anti-Intimidation Act,” and that he should be made to pay for Gersh’s loss of privacy and emotional distress.
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