There’s a global following for Type R models in the Honda world, but the only time we had a factory-authorized one in the US market was actually from sister brand Acura.

That happened back when Integras were still a breed, and the Integra Type R schooled the world on how to engineer a stellar-handling front-drive sports car.

That car has since become a modern legend (not to mix Acura metaphors).
The reason the US market has been stiffed on the many Civic Type R models? Never has the US market Civic been a common platform with the Japanese market or EU market editions. Of course, if Honda had really wanted to, it could have developed a Type R for the US Civic.

After all, the company develops other models just for the US.

But looking at the future glass as half-full, the new Civic platform is now truly global, the critical stage-gate to Type R-ing in the US.
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