Enlarge / The actual SNES Mini probably won’t be this small or have a cartridge slot.

But we can dream… (credit: DannyChoo.com)
Eurogamer’s report this morning that Nintendo is working on an “SNES Mini” plug-and-play console in the style of the NES Classic Edition (according to “sources close to the company”) isn’t too surprising.

The original NES Mini was an unexpectedly large success that should logically inspire Nintendo to mine more of its classic hardware for more easy profits.
On the other hand, Nintendo recently discontinued the NES Classic Edition despite evidence of continuing huge demand that hasn’t been satisfied by the paltry supply Nintendo rolled out to stores.

Eurogamer goes so far as to say the SNES Mini’s impending release is part of the reason the NES Classic Edition was discontinued, suggesting that the company thinks only one retro console can exist on the market at a time, for some reason.
In all likelihood, the SNES Mini will likely be nearly identical to the miniature NES that came before it.
If we had Nintendo’s ear, though, here’s what we’d recommend to help it build the retro console of our dreams:
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