Video shot and edited by Jennifer Hahn. (video link)
NEW YORK—For fans of the racing game, Electronic Arts’ 17-year-long exclusive contract with Porsche must rank as one of the great injustices of all time.

These days, games like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport—which sell in the millions—do much to introduce cars to new audiences.

Arguably, that has been true for some time now.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the Nissan GT-R’s following in Europe and the US, fueled by Polyphony Digital.
So the sporadic nature of Porsche’s presence in these games has been frustrating for gamers who just want to race the cars.
Thankfully, all that appears to be at an end.

Back in December we discovered that the EA contract had expired, and the German automaker hasn’t been hanging around. Porsches will feature in the upcoming Project CARS 2.
Sony recently revealed Porsche will be in Gran Turismo Sport.

And at the New York International Auto Show, Microsoft and Porsche announced a six-year partnership.

As you’ll see in the video above, we spoke to Microsoft’s Dan Greenawalt and Sebastian Hornung of Porsche to find out more.
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