If you want proof that what I’ve been advising for years is true, check out this research on cloud computing from The Register: Planning pays off when it comes to cloud migration and deployments.The Register found that most companies don’t yet have meaningful cloud adoption or have truly embraced the idea of the cloud-first enterprise.

The Register’s report also shows that cloud adoption has been gradual over the past five years—it didn’t find the market “explosion” that many in the press have been writing about.[ InfoWorld’s quick guide: Digital Transformation and the Agile Enterprise. | Download the public cloud megaguide PDF: Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Joyent compared. | Stay up on the cloud with InfoWorld’s Cloud Computing Report newsletter. ]
Finally, the report recommended that you get your internal systems aligned with public cloud systems.

That means planning better cloud management and application, data, and platform integrations.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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