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HP focused on updating its Spectre and Envy lines since the beginning of the year, but now the Pavilion line of affordable laptops is getting some attention.

Today, HP announced updates to the Pavilion x360 convertible line and the Pavilion Notebook laptop line, making nearly every model thinner and lighter and adding new hardware components like stylus support and IR cameras that are now seen as standard for most practical laptops.
Less color, more shine
The basic construction of the Pavilion x360 line hasn’t changed, but HP added some flair with new keyboard deck options. You can get the new models with a silver-metal keyboard finish or what HP’s calling a “strata” design, a brushed-black pattern that mimics the curving lines of the inside of a tree trunk.

The x360 models now also have chrome-plated hinges, and this feature—combined with the new keyboard deck finishes and the silver and gold color options—should make the device look similar to a Spectre despite its low price. Last year’s update to the Pavilion x360s brought bold colors like “sport purple,” but it seems HP is making its affordable range feel as luxurious and as sleek as possible to appeal to younger customers.
HP keeps new Pavilion laptop prices low while adding IR cameras, pen support

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