Windows Vista’s Start menu and its integrated Search box. (credit: Andrew Cunningham)
Today Windows Update sees the first mainstream release of the Windows 10 Creators Update and the last public patches, ever, for Windows Vista.
Released to manufacturing on November 8, 2006 and shipping to consumers on January 30, 2007, Windows Vista had a troubled development and a troubled life once it shipped.

But it was an essential Windows release, laying the groundwork for Windows 7 and beyond.

For all the criticism that Vista and Microsoft received, the company never really backtracked on the contentious aspects of the release.

After a while, those aspects just stopped being contentious.
Troubled development
Windows Vista was originally meant to be grander in scope and ambition. Microsoft’s Longhorn project envisaged a new database-like file system known as WinFS, a radically new development model and set of APIs based on .NET, and a 3D accelerated user interface built using these APIs.
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