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Unlike our friends over at the ever-stylish GQ, the Ars Orbital HQ is rarely filled with the kinds of fashion-forward accessories a modern man needs, let alone the entirely frivolous, but ultimately more satisfying ones, it doesn’t. You can imagine my surprise when London-based mid-priced bag and accessory maker Knomo got in touch to pitch a five-day trial of its latest fashionable fusion of leather and canvas in the form of the #LiveFree [sic] backback.
Clearly, it hasn’t seen the sort of functional haversack sported by the typical Ars editor.
Still, when in Rome, right? After all, there’s a reason for that spurious youth-targeted hashtag. Pitched as the “Perfect 24/7 Bag,” the #LiveFree is ostensibly targeted at the modern tech-laden city-goer—the sort with artisanal coffee in one hand, iPhone in the other, ready to face the daily grind of “Influencer Marketing” and “Organic Content.” There’s space for up to a 15-inch laptop, a 10-inch iPad, multiple pockets (one of which blocks RFID signals and thus putative contactless card skimmers), built-in cable management, and plenty of pockets for various tech knick-knacks.

There’s even Bluetooth tracking and wireless charging.
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