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We like Mass Effect: Andromeda and said so in our preliminary review, but the game has some problems and rough edges. We’re hip-deep in writing our final review, but it looks like we may be able to wipe a number of our complaints off the list while the writing is still in progress.
In a blog post today, BioWare General Manager Aaryn Flynn explained that the Andromeda team has been keeping track of feedback on the game and that this coming Thursday, the team will release a patch aimed at correcting the things that have garnered the most complaints.

The full patch notes are here.
The list of confirmed fixes stretch from the superficial to the deeply technical.

There will be general performance and stability fixes, but most welcome is the option to skip the transition animations while traveling between places on the galaxy map.

The animations are beautiful but intolerably long; if you’re exploring multiple systems in one go, you’ll spend far more time staring at unskippable animations than you’ll spend exploring.

Adding the option to skip will reclaim a huge amount of lost time.
Also on the list are updates to the eyes for human and Asari character models and fixes to animation lip-syncing, along with a fix for Ryder’s weird running animation glitch.

Additionally, players will get a larger inventory, more Remnant decryption keys at merchants for folks who hate the pseudo-Sudoku minigame, and an improved multiplayer experience with better matchmaking and less latency.
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