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Tesla is the subject of a proposed class-action lawsuit alleging that its Model X and Model S vehicles are prone to sudden, unintended acceleration (SUA).

A number of owners are claiming that their electric vehicles suddenly drove through a garage or into a wall either by human or computer error—and at least 23 accounts of Teslas experiencing unintended acceleration are on record with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The California automaker run by Elon Musk claims that, among other things, its data shows it was human error that caused the crashes described in the lawsuit.
The suit claims that from the Model S’s 2012 introduction through June 2016, approximately 75,000 Model S vehicles have been sold.

The suit then states there have been 13 reports to NHTSA in which Model S drivers experienced full-power acceleration while parking or traveling at low speed. Regarding the Model X, in which 18,240 cars were sold by the end of 2016, “Tesla has received, or is otherwise aware of, 13 nearly identical instances in which drivers of the Model X experienced full power acceleration either while in the act of parking the Model X or while driving the Model X at slow speed, ten of which resulted in a crash of the vehicle,” according to the suit.
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