The Federal Communications Commission has voted to eliminate a merger requirement that would have forced Charter Communications to expand its network into the territory of other high-speed broadband providers.
The FCC’s approval of the Charter/Time Warner Cable merger last year required Charter to deploy broadband with download speeds of 60Mbps to at least two million residential and small business locations, of which at least one million would have to be in areas served by at least one other high-speed provider.

The FCC’s then-Democratic leadership said that “overbuilding” in areas served by only one ISP would bring lower prices and greater choice to consumers.
But the FCC’s new Republican leadership has now eliminated the overbuild portion of the merger condition so that Charter can instead provide two million new connections in areas that don’t already have high-speed service. Reuters reported the move today, and an FCC spokesperson confirmed it to Ars.

The full order has not yet been released.
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