AhnLab MDS is the only corporate security solution that combines local and cloud-based analytics
to stop advanced persistent threats (APTs) anywhere across the organization.

AhnLab MDS delivers
truly comprehensive threat protection, applying rapid malware recognition and remediation with realtime
blocking of malicious network traffic and dynamic disruption of active security breaches.

advanced security system protects endpoints, servers, networks and cloud resources within a single
architecture and an integrated management environment.

AhnLab MDS: A Complete Solution

  • Up to 10 Gbps performance for identifying APT activity across the network
  • Coordinates analysis of both known malware and suspicious content withAhnLab global cloud-based automated malware research system
  • Recognizes dangerous files and attachments before they reach internal endpoints
  • Blocks outbound traffic to Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and Command & Control (C&C)servers, and harmful URLs
  • Observes OS changes by malware in VM
  • Identifies malformed MS Office documents, images, PDF files, and Flash videos
  • Windows-based endpoint and server protection
  • Recognizes patterns of APT activity and propagation in real-time
  • Directs malware remediation and active blocking of APT network communications
  • Operates transparently, with minimal impact on normal operations
  • Combines localized malware behavior and signature detection with AhnLab’s global analysis resources to stop zero-day threats, remediate infected systems and provideongoing intelligence that benefits all AhnLab customers

Product graphics explaining the technologies and implementation:





Learn more today by contacting your AhnLab partner or local AhnLab sales representative, or by visiting: http://www.ahnlab.com

About AhnLab

AhnLab creates agile, integrated internet security solutions for corporate organizations. Founded in 1995, AhnLab, a global leader in security, delivers comprehensive protection for networks, transactions, and essential services.

AhnLab delivers best-of-breed threat prevention that scales easily for highspeed networks, by combining cloud analysis with endpoint and server resources.

AhnLab’s multidimensional approach combines with exceptional service to create truly global protection against attacks that evade traditional security defenses. That’s why more than 25,000 organizations rely on AhnLab’s award-winning products and services to make the internet safe and reliable for their business operations.

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